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Business Improvement

We assist clients to achieve greater efficiency in a business or organisation and solve organisational problems in fields such as personnel, information systems, research and general business strategy.  Success Consultants works with your business to understand barriers to growth, opportunities for improvement and develop a plan for achieving business excellence. Based on international best practice methodology our consultants work in a range of areas including (follow the links for more detailed descriptions):

Strategic Planning 

Take stock of your business, and then take action!

Whether you are considering a new strategic initiative or simply want your business processes to run more effectively, SCL can assist you.

Simply stated, the process of developing a competitive strategy asks and answers three questions:   

  • Where are we?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How can we get there?

Once the competitive strategy is clear, implementation can follow - secure in the knowledge that the chosen tasks are the best and most effective fit for the organisation.

We can continue to work with you through to full implementation with experienced Project Managers.

Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can help you to grow your business.

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Management Consulting

  • We assist with and encourage the development of objectives, strategies and plans aimed at achieving customer satisfaction and the efficient use of an organisation's resources
  • We discuss business and organisational shortcomings with you
  • We analyse and evaluate current systems and structures
  • Discuss current systems with staff and observe systems at all levels of the organisation
  • Direct you towards more efficient organisation and develop solutions to organisational problems
  • Plan the implementation of solutions
  • Educate staff regarding changes and train them to work with new systems
  • Evaluate the change process and inform you on progress in addressing project objectives
  • Liaise with you on an ongoing basis, to main and develop our relationship, ensure satisfaction with services we have provided
  • Assist with implementation of action endorsed by management, and periodically review the impact of changes

Why hire us?

  • Provide an objective perspective
  • When you don't have the required skills in-house
  • You need confidentiality
  • Require practical experience
  • Want competent consultants

Call us now to discuss your business needs.

Procedures/Process Design and Documentation

We study your organisational structures, methods, systems and procedures and:

  • undertake reviews work studies by anaysing existing or proposed methods and procedures such as adminstrative and clerical procedures
  • record and analyse and/or create organisational flow charts, records, reports, manuals and job descriptions
  • prepare and recommend proposals to revise methods and procedures, alter work flows, redefine job functions and resolve problems
  • assist in implementing approved recommendations, issue revised instructions or procedure manuals and draft other documentation
  • assist and encourage the development of objectives, strategies and plans aimed at achieving the efficient use of an organisation's resources
  • review operating procedures and advise of any departures from procedures and standards
  • train staff in new work methods

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Business Excellence Assessments

Many businesses implement strategic initiatives in a fragmented way, resulting in incomplete projects and wasted resources. Do it once and do it right!

We use the internationally renowned Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and a range of modern business tools and models to benchmark and foster growth, including the Quantel software program.

We can provide reports which are comprehensive measurement tools, highlighting your business strengths and weaknesses.

SCL has a variety of quality assessment reports available, including:

  • a fully facilitated organisational assessment.  This takes 3 - 4 days in house and a comprehensive report is provided at the completion of the assessment.    We can then work with you to implement the changes you require.
  • a facilitated organisational self - assessment.  We come into your organisation for 2 - 3 days and work with you and your team to define your strategy, goals and objectives.  We complete a gap analysis based on where you would like to be and action plan.    
  • A mini assessment,  which is ideal for medium size businesses.  Takes half a day and is completed with you and your team.  Delivers instant recognition of where you are now and provides a tool to guide and measure your organisation.  An action plan is completed at this session.                         

We can help get you on your journey to world class and join you to celebrate your success! Call us now for a no obligation discussion. 

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