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Case Studies

Success Consultants has worked with a broad range of New Zealand businesses to help them achieve their goals.

We have gathered together some case studies which are indicative of the sort of work we do, and the types of clients we work with.

1.  Service Excellence - Best Practice 

This strategic initiative, developed for a major insurance company, was implemented over a period of 6 months.  By working with key stakeholders, business experts and managers, facilitating strategic workshops and developing a large number of solutions this major initiative culminated in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.    

2.  Work/Life Balance on-line Assessments/Reports and workshops 

This work/life balance programme was delivered for a large local authority over a two day period - to 35 staff.

"the program was very effective in changing thought patterns along with positive behaviour, stress management techniques and motivation ."  HR Manager.

3.  Business Systems Design & Procedures and Policies Documentation 

Success Consultants worked with this award winning architectural firm to develop and document a corporate internal documentation system, policies and procedures. 

4.  Training - Train the Trainer 

A fully customised train the trainer programme was delivered to managers at a large engineering firm, who were about to roll out SAP throughout New Zealand. 

5.  Business Strategy and Planning 

PAENAuckland translation agency PAEN Communications Ltd now has offices in Sydney and Berlin but the business started in a very small way, part-time on an old laptop! Co-directors Rachel Wike and Dr Andreas Ernst were new to running a company so Diane's practical advice and contacts were helpful. From advertising strategy to accounting practice and networking tips she ironed out the details but also helped them focus on the company's overall strategy and direction.

"We set monthly financial goals which seemed unattainable at the time but it really did focus us and we could look back in amazement just a year later to see we were regularly doubling that figure that had seemed so far away at the time. Diane helped us to think big."

Co-director Rachel Wike found Diane's advice particularly helpful: "She believed in me and was particularly helpful in boosting my self confidence in my new role. Running a company was totally new to me but she taught me to value my skills and strengths."

As a journalist and editor, Rachel had been used to managing people and projects but the corporate world was new to her. Selling to clients and talking up the company's services were not skills that came naturally at the start. "Diane helped to bolster our confidence initially and now I love to tell clients about our business because I know we are offering a fantastic service."

6.  Business Strategy and Planning 

Our Director teamed up to review the customer channel strategy within one of NZ's largest organisations. Our client had developed a number of channels to communicate with and service their suppliers and shareholders, including a call centre, field representation, and a website/portal.

The company had concerns that these channels were not well integrated, might not be cost-effective and might under-service or over-service supplier needs.

Diane teamed up with other colleagues to contribute their experience of multi-channel strategies in banking and other service industries and helped to design a cost effective and integrated channel delivery strategy.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • A more equitable solution for suppliers
  • Improved supplier and staff education on effective channel use
  • Improved cost effectiveness

7.  Business Strategy and Planning 

A not-for-profit organisation wanted an independant point of view. Were they on the right track? Was their current strategy valid?

Diane Child and other colleagues:

  • Interviewed branch managers around the country
  • Researched international trends and benchmarks
  • Helped staff to brainstorm ideas and solutions
  • Conducted straw-man modelling, and tested ideas
  • Helped to clarify future strategic direction
  • Presented a board report with recommendations

Benefits and Outcomes

This review was conducted over a 6-week period. The resulting report was a valuable and supportive tool for the CEO to present to the board.

8.  Training - Governance

A NZ not-for-profit organisation, with branches across the country, identified a need to improve its people's ability to communicate and deal with clients more effectively, often in difficult circumstances.

SCL was invited to deliver several training programs throughout a one-year period. These included:

  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management

Some of the feedback received from participants included:

  • "An excellent session, thank you.
  • "The presenter and the subject were very informative."
  • "Personal style of the facilitator was warm and engaging, inclusive of people."
  • "The variety and interactive exercises backed up the learning."

9.  Facilitation and Strategic Planning 

An Australasian retailer recognised an opportunity to augment its strategic direction with its senior team early in the New Year. SCL was asked to facilitate a one-day workshop to help aid in the strategic planning.

Benefits and Outcomes

The planning process resulted in a more cohesive team which understands their organisation's strategic direction and is motivated to achieve the jointly created goals.

Some of the feedback received from participants included:

  • "Enjoyed the brainstorming, feedback, openness, clarity of process to come up with plan."
  • "It was fabulous learning the goals of my team members."
  • "The relationships in our team have been strengthened."
  • "The day allowed us to focus on a roadmap for the business."
  • "Loved the format, thought processes, how it linked together (case study vs. us)."
  • "Have clearer goals for myself and help team achieve and set their own goals."
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