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We've put together some of the comments from our  satisified clients who've taken the time to express their thanks for the work we've done with them.

Auckland City Auckland City Council

"Thank you for facilitating the LTCCP (Long Term City Council Plan) project debrief this morning.  Very much appreciated."

Attendees at the Success Consultant's Public Work/Life Balance Workshop

"Definitely try to overcome workaholic tendencies and restore balance in all life areas." 

"I can put new tools in to practice.  Strength was the warm presentation style of the facilitator."

"Opened my eyes to the importance of work/life balance and other factors that can influence success."

"I will implement some time management and prioritising tips gained on the day.  Good group dynamic, safe learning environment"

"Have put some steps in place to action and move forward.  Got clarity around direction rather than putting it off."

"Just wanted to write and thank you so much for the seminar yesterday.  I found it very useful and am quite motivated to work on my 90 Day Plan.  I loved the opportunity of listening to and sharing with some great women.  The day went so fast!"

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend the Work Life Balance workshop last Wednesday - I really enjoyed the programme.  Congratulations on a a succesful day."

"Just want to thank you very much for last Wed's seminar.  I found it REALLY helpful and am enormously grateful to you for the opportunity." 

Auckland Regional Migrant ServicesAuckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMS)

"Just wanted to say thanks for today.  It was an excellent session and a breath of fresh air.  Your presenting style was really spot-on and fun and I am sure they gained a lot."

Attendees at the Presentation Skills Training workshop 

"Can't fault anything!"

"I was very nervous at the concept of public speaking initially, at the end whilst still nervous I had confidence."

"The size of the group was effective and I found no time for boredom.  It was a stimulating environment to be in."

"Diane is a professional who has 'walked the talk.'  She has so much experience to share and such a good manner.  I will recommend this course to others as it was so much help."

"A great learning experience."

"I feel a lot more confident in my ability to present well.""Had a good time, was seriously not looking forward to it, but was pleasantly surprised!"

"A safe and effective forum for me to learn and practice new skills and stretch my comfort zone."

New Zealand Association of Credit UnionsNew Zealand Association of Credit Unions   

"It was a pleasure to work with you and I would have no hesitation in contacting you if further work arose". Operations Manager.

OPSMAttendees at the strategic planning session, OPSM

"Enjoyed the brainstorming, feedback, openness, clarity of process to come up with plan."

"It was fabulous learning the goals of my team members."

"The relationships in our team have been strengthened."

"The day allowed us to focus on a roadmap for the business."

"The format, thought processes, how it linked together (case study vs. us)."

"Have clearer goals for myself and help team achieve and set their own goals."

Citizens Advice BureauAttendees at a Citizens Advice Bureau training session

"An excellent session, thank you."

"The presenter and the subject were very informative."

"Personal style of the facilitator was warm and engaging, inclusive of people."

"The variety and interactive exercises backed up the learning."

Auckland InsuranceAuckland Insurance

"Diane Child from Success Consultants Ltd recently provided consultancy services to my business. My business is to sell insurance products and services to a selected group of clients.

Diane was able to use her ability, qualifications and experience to identify existing problems in my current operation and provide me with suggested solutions. She has provided me with some valuable ideas, tools and solutions which I believe will help my business reach its goals and objectives from now on.

I would like to recommend Diane to anyone who needs the help of a qualified and experienced Management Consultant to ensure their future business success."

Massey UniversityMassey University

"Thank you very much for your widely appreciated address to the Massey University Graduations Ceremony for the School of Aviation and College of Business. Your address made a valuable contribution to the overall success of the Graduation Ceremony, a premier occasion in the diverse activities."

Professor Graeme S Fraser Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

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